Why are we here?  Who knows? Who cares?

Nobody will ever know.
So let’s not waste our time searching,
thinking, talking, writing poems.

Leave me alone with your abstract questions!
We’re here. Let’s live, play ball, dream, love.

Do whatever you’d like.
Help the others who don’t know,
despite their idle constructions,

Why we’re here.

4 thoughts on “WHO KNOWS? WHO CARES?

      • This is not to say that I agree that thinking, talking, and writing poems are wastes of time. (I’m pretty sure you would agree). You advise to “do whatever you’d like.” It’s okay to like to do those things, isn’t it?

  1. Sure………..but as far as poetry is concerned using it as a tool to find “answers” to the “big” questions would seem to be a waste of time……………also endless philosophical dialogues trying to prove God . I find I always use the same arguments and my adversary too.

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