Completing the Move

Sally: I like this song… not sure how to write to it…

J: Does it conjure any images? A solitary walk through winter woods? A teapot attended by one lonely cup?

Sally: I think I hate nature walks almost as much as I hate tea. Am I just a barbarian? This music is beautiful but it makes me feel like I have to salt it… maybe even MSG… be afraid, J… (P.S. That wasn’t my poem- just sharing the process…)

J: You hate nature walks and tea? Dear Lady, is there no fine thing for which you harbor an affinity? Moonlight? Cool breezes? The scent of jasmine in the night air as you sway in the porch swing at Uncle Percy’s lake house? My word, are you in fact, at this very hour, preparing to steal Christmas?

The assigned composition is by Philip Glass, whose music is, in his own words, built around “repetitive structures.” I find this to be mesmerizing and happily intoxicating. Many, however, feel as though it could benefit from the “salt” of variation. Few would go so far as to suggest MSG.

Sally: I do love a jasmine-scented cool breeze- especially on sticky summer nights… and I liked the song- and I enjoyed its repetition… what I meant about the salting… I tend to approach writing in general and poetry specifically on the offensive… picking things apart- writing about what makes me uncomfortable- itchy- angry- so to write about something that is- well- rather pretty- like the people with the bony shoulders- is difficult. This is certainly a result of some sort of sour (rotten?) grapes situation I should resolve in therapy… anyway… this is a challenge- and I think it may call for a Doritos or ramen noodle approach…Like salting the earth… or a poor slug…

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